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How to get the courage to start dating again

How to get the courage to start dating again

November 5, I went on my first date about months after my husband died.

I joined 2 dating sites I personally prefer the paid ones as the free ones can get some real characters and started corresponding with a few men and then went on a first date with a guy that seemed very nice and he was in some ways. I usually talk to the guy on the phone to screen before I actually go on a date - so that made me feel more comfortable about going out with him.

How to get the courage to start dating again

I drank far too much on this first date and probably talked about my sad life too much but I was happy to get my foot in the door. There was no second date but I then started casually dating here and there and just had fun with it.

By that, I just used it as a means to meet different types of men and have some company. I wanted to find a "steady" boyfriend eventually but I also knew it would take a while and didn't want to get discouraged.

Since I didn't take it too seriously in the beginning, it seemed less daunting. So I also went out with guys that weren't necessarily my type but seemed nice, or funny to see if there was anything there - and it was nice to just get out and have some good company.

I had some very nice dates but with not the right matches for me - and this also helped build my confidence. It can seem overwhelming but take baby steps with it - and if you get dating fatigue, take time out. Admittedly, I had some very bad dates and may have cried after one or two of them but then just dusted myself and moved on.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained : Wishing you all the best - you can do this Sailorgirl!



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