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Dating site botswana on the map

Dating site botswana on the map

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This book is pages long and consists of 62 color-illustrated tree and shrub species with numerous line drawings of plant species, birds, animals etc. There is an illustration of each tree or shrub mentioned as wells as separate drawings of the leaf, flower and fruit.

Dating site botswana on the map

The sixty-two plants chosen include all the common, most useful and most noticeable plants in the area. Most of the plants described in this book occur commonly elsewhere in southern Africa as well, especially in Namibia, Zimbabwe and the northern part of South Africa. Although there is a section on the description of leaves, flowers, fruit etc.

Each plant is described within its habitat and ecological niche — soil preference, habitat preference, the fauna associated with it, the animals, birds and insects that feed on it, medicinal and food values to humans, superstitious beliefs and there is even a short description on propagation.

At the back of the book is a campfire quiz, providing questions and answers on information provided in the book.

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The quiz is in three sections, each on a different level of advancement. This book is pages thick and the 50 species that occur most commonly in the area are discussed.

Each one of these species is illustrated by a color photograph, as well as a water-color illustration. Apart from the 50 main species, there are at least 30 additional photographs of plants that occur in the area but they are not discussed in the same detail.

Dating site botswana on the map

There are numerous line drawings and extra information boxes, containing information on related subjects such as diseases, plant poisons, natural insect repellents, natural dyes etc. There are very interesting information about superstitions and traditions of the people of the Okavango.

Like in the tree book, the author has used a holistic approach, describing each species within its habitat and the purpose it serves within that habitat.

Flowering herbs of the Okavango are very rich in chemicals and many of them are used medicinally. The author collected information on their medicinal and food values from the local tribes. There is also information on the habitat preference of these plants, plants associated with them, animals and birds that feed on them, insects associated, poisonous values, medicinal values, food values etc.

A handy, easy-to-use guidebook for tour guides, tourists and students - ideal for game walks and easy size to carry in a suitcase. A small pocketsized book limits the amount of information and the size of the photographs. A compromise was therefore reached by limiting the number of pages and placing three datings site botswana on the map on a page.

There is a separate 'quick reference' photographic list of the water plants with page references on pg The grasses were placed in a separate section pg The rest of the book is colourcoded as to plant type. The book includes plant species. Each colour group is presented in alphabetical family groups starting for example with the Asteraceae and ending with Zygophyllaceae.

Dating site botswana on the map, botswana country profile

These families are indicated in the colour strip at the bottom of the page. This arrangement has the unfortunate consequence that all the members of one family do not appear together in the book. However, on pg 3 and 4 all plants in this book are listed in their family groups, with page references.

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