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He is dating someone new

He is dating someone new

By Elana Rubin July 18 I've never been able to continuously date multiple people at the same time. Sure, I've gone on a string of first dates in the he is dating someone new week, but never has anything expanded from the initial meeting to dating many people at once.

So what do you do if the person you're dating is seeing other people while you're very much not? It's less tricky than you think, but you will want to consider how you approach this, for sure.

You could very well be pretty unaffected by them dating other people, but it may eat at you the more it goes on and the more attached you get. Everyone is different. I'd consider the following.

A friend once told me his test of whether he's over an ex is whether it would bother him if they were dating someone else. Months and sometimes years after a relationship, my heart rate still accelerates when I see an ex is dating someone new on Facebook. Over a year after I ended. Somehow I found the strength, and somehow I found someone new. And he was great! We started dating and I was just in awe of the ease it all.

Evaluate if you're comfortable being in a more casual situation. Giphy If the one person you're seeing is also seeing other people, it could be that they don't want to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, that instance is probably out of your control, even if you really like the person.

Now's the time to think about what you're comfortable with while dating, and whether or not the prospect of that person seeing other people makes you uncomfortable or jealous. Try seeing other people to see if it's something you enjoy.

Giphy Take a lesson from the person you're dating and try seeing other people as well.

You won't know unless you try, and you could end up finding a better situation for yourself by putting yourself out there. Continue dating them as is.

He is dating someone new

Giphy Just because they're dating multiple people, it doesn't mean you have to as well. You could very well just enjoy that person's company, and they may decide they want to be exclusive with you down the line.

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But maybe you're also not looking for anything that serious and like the arrangement the way it is. If you're secure with the relationship being open on their end and exclusive on yours, then what works for you, works. Have a conversation about what you want.

She Found Another Guy

Giphy It could be that the person you're dating doesn't know you've kind of decided to make things "exclusive" on your he is dating someone new. If you tell them this piece of information, it may show them that you're more serious about a relationship and make them re-evaluate how they feel for you.

They could've assumed you were seeing other people, and continued doing so as well to "even" out the situation. Telling the person you're seeing that you're not seeing anyone else definitely takes some courage, so harness up what you've got for that conversation.

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They may fess up to only dating other people because they thought you were, and your confession may be the turning point in your relationship.

She Found Another Guy

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